3 hottest shooting arcade machine

May - 17
shooting arcade machine

3 hottest shooting arcade machine

In those arcade game centers, all kinds of arcade game make you feel dazzled. On the one hand, there are many categories of arcade machine that is for different arcade games. You need to take a fairly long time to truly distinguish them all. On the other hand, one type of arcade game can run with arcade machine that has a different design. For example, just for shooting games, there are hundreds of categories available for you to deliver an exploration. Now, I want to introduce top 3 types of shooting arcade machine to you all.

Laser shooting arcade game machine


  • Compatibility: Whether you are running an amusement park, a supermarket, or a theme park, you can always manage to include this machine in your venue.
  • Adjustability: For this point, we are taking about its adjustable function of travel time and the number coins. You can change your travel time for each level, meanwhile, you can also change the number of coins invested in.
  • Gorgeous lanterns: We have bright and colorful built-in lights that can create a dynamic atmosphere. Shining lights make you feel you are under a night sky full of stars.

Playing guidance

Put asked numbers of coin into the coin entrance so that you can get through the electricity. Then, you need to use built-in laser to choose a scene from those provided options. In the end, you get yourself in a shooting adventure.

Frozen Hero Game Machine


  • Level up: We have designed multi levels that offer different difficulties. Players need to pass a simpler level to get to the next one.
  • Real feelings: This kind of machine can present to you a highly-simulated realistic scene, as well as multidimensional sound effects. While engaging in shooting, you may feel like you are doing this in real world.
  • Abundant choices: For these arcade games, there are many optional characters, tracks, and locations so that players can choose their favorite ones.

Playing guidance

After insert coin, the machine starts to ask you to choose one specific scene from forest, cemetery, and city. When game started, you just need to pull off your trigger to fire at your enemies. If you successfully get into next levels, you will get a treasure box that will randomly give you weapons or equipment, sometimes it may be toy gifts.

Happy House Game Machine


  • Optional types: We have single player type and double player type. So, if you have a limited budget for this kind of machine, you can choose the single player one.
  • Dynamic music: While you start your shooting adventure, the machine will continuously play exciting music to create a wonderful atmosphere.

Play guidance

The machine needs a coin to get it connected to electricity. When it starts to work, you need to hold your gun and shoot directly at those monsters. The more you killed, the higher score you will get.

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