Big ICE Ball FX Alley Roller Machine bring with biggest fun

Jun - 04
Big ICE Ball FX Alley Roller Machine

Big ICE Ball FX Alley Roller Machine bring with biggest fun

As a matter of fact, the ice ball has been entirely re-engineered for 2014, which is considered a critical twist on its growing history. Among all you readers, there must be some people have already played the ice ball game in the amusement arcade game. It is so welcomed in the past decades that many people have heard about or played it actually. While you are traveling through the whole game area, you can see it shinning with eye-catching LED lights. Also, it usually come up is a combination of tree horizontal lanes arranged side by side. Nest, we see what it contains and how it works.

What it contains?

The ice ball fx alley roller contains a LED cabinet and shot rim lighting package so that it can display all kinds of lights while it is getting electricity through. It can present to players red lights, blue lights, green lights, and mixed lights and will satisfy your eyes. The game features are placed in the front of the machine rather than the back side, so, the player can get an easier access to the game with this ergonomic design. The ticket setting is changeable according to your actual requirement. For instance, you can make a little change to give a higher bonus or lower one. At every play, the specific number of balls or bonus balls are at the front of the game so that these balls can be easily got by the player. The alleyway of the machine is made of supreme and heavy-duty vinyl material so that it can keep on working for a fairly long time and it can be cleaned easily with a regular hiatus.

How it works?

There is an optical sensor in the target area, which can precisely track on the ice ball while it is rolling in the track. Compared to problem-prone micro switches, this kind of technique can give a more accurate score so that it can encourage the player to continue with their play. The button settled at the end of the rail can be used to change the scoring levels that totally have three different levels available for every player. If you are a primary player, you are supposed to choose the elementary level so that you will have a big chance to pass the game. In those busy days, you may find that the tickets are consumed in a high speed so that you have to pay attention to ensure an in-time supplying. Considering this, we have made a ticket drawer that can quickly spit out tickets to make a replenishment. Finally, our balls are also specially made with polypropylene plastic material, so, you will have a relatively easy time in cleaning.

If you give an interview to those ice ball players in the park, most of them will tell you that it is really worth a try and it can bring to you lots of fun. Indeed, the ice ball game is very welcomed by those visitors. So, it is time for you to consider buying such a machine for your park.

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