More attractive play items in indoor playground

Aug - 05
More attractive play items in the indoor playground

More attractive play items in indoor playground

Nowadays, many children like indoor playgrounds. As long as they see Naughty Castle Children’s Park, the children will be clamoring to go play in it. Many times I have seen parents with very young children playing in it. , Do you want to know why Naughty Castle recruits children to play so much? Let’s share with you: those amusement items in the Naughty Castle Children’s Park that are popular with children.

More attractive play items in the indoor playground

1. Corsair:

Corsair for indoor playgrounds

Corsairs rely on the movement of the center of gravity and centripetal force to change direction and speed. It truly simulates the scene of a ship riding the wind and waves in the stormy sea. The swaying feeling formed by the small swing from left to right and front to back can be reflected by the benign stimulus it embodies. It can enrich children’s proprioceptive experience and the healthy growth of the nervous system; while full of thrills, the enclosed cabin, safe handrails, railings, and hatches provide children with safe psychological help and help children experience autonomous experience. The core characteristics of bravery, adventure, mystery, and personality that symbolize the nautical world are also fully displayed.

2. Water slide:

The water slide adds dynamic element to the traditional concept of the slide, giving it a brand new visual effect. When children enjoy the fun of going up and down the slide, they can obtain a spatial perception experience and can judge the distance between objects and themselves based on visual signals. Understanding the characteristics of various materials, the gurgling water makes them feel the thrill of rapid progress, and the desire for curiosity will always exist.

3. Single-plank bridge:

The interior of the single-plank bridge of Naughty Castle is made of multi-layer boards, the tundish is re-foamed with the sponge, and the outer layer is wrapped with woven glitter leather, which has high strength and excellent safety performance.

4. Electric coconut tree:

The coconut tree is a vertical axis single-rotating amusement project. Tropical jungle island as the theme. There are countless coconuts growing under the big coconut tree. The brilliant colors and realistic shapes make the children fully feel the mysterious southern style. In addition, in a safe parallel rotation, the upper and lower limbs coordinate and stably cooperate with climbing and sitting to form a new balance experience and promote the improvement of sensory integration ability. The high and low positions and the different lengths of the activity radius allow children to experience the change of spatial position, form a new structure in the intuitive experience, and provide useful help. Games come and go, from near to far, with endless fun.

5. Animal carousel:

Simulate the animal form and take the children to explore the animal kingdom at a constant speed. Different animal forms can best satisfy children’s different interests and preferences. Have a deeper understanding of animal senses, while experiencing the joy of rotation, also stimulates the development of the left and right brains of the child, and promotes the maturity of body protection and stretching behavior.

6. Water bed:

Water bed for indoor playgrounds

The water bed subverts the traditional concept of a bouncing bed. It boldly uses the concept of fusion with water, inputs visual, kinesthetic, balance, and other sensory signal stimuli to promote the appropriate comprehensive response of children and eliminate fear; perceive the water bed to be smooth, soft, and not The characteristics of stability, in the face of challenges in a natural state, accumulate the own experience of independent control or movement of the body, in the games of peers, promote active development and obtain a pleasant experience, which is an indispensable game item for the amusement system.

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